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February 1, 2021 – Muncie, IN

The Muncie Sports Commission today introduced a newly reimagined purpose statement and brand portfolio as the Muncie based non-profit organization emerges into a new stage of growth and impact.

In the fall of 2020, Muncie Sports Commission engaged Whitinger Strategic Services to assist them with strategic direction and brand management. The collaboration led to refreshed statements of Purpose and Passion for the organization and a compelling new brand. In place of a Mission Statement MSC now has a Purpose Statement – To attract, create, host, and support sporting events and recreational opportunities for Delaware County. MSC also clarified their vision into a Passion Statement – To increase economic vitality, improve quality of life, promote healthy lifestyles and brand Delaware County as a great sports community.

Before the recent branding work was completed, the Muncie Sports Commission did not have a definitive brand or set of materials. As the organization enhances current and future partnerships with sports-minded entities within Delaware County and with organizations looking to bring sporting events and activities to the community, it was clear that a distinctive brand was imperative.

Whitinger Strategic Services took on this challenge led by Creative Director, Lucas Tetrault. “Designing and working with a sports brand is an interesting challenge. You don’t want to appeal to one school, sport, or franchise; yet, at the same time, you want to appeal to everyone. You also want to create something identifiable to the general audience that helps give that idea of “sport”. The first thing we did was eliminate all color from the logo. A simple black and white mark and type treatment not only works in many different applications but is also accessible to a lot of different markets, stated Tetrault.  “Through our research, we found there are not many commission brands that use a mark to help branch out their identity, so we wanted to make sure Muncie Sports Commission was one of the more unique commissions out there. We combined the symbolism of a torch from both the Olympics and Indiana’s state flag with the intensity and energy of a lightning bolt to create the mark. This icon also resembles the image of a shoe with wings. (a familiar symbol of athletics)

“We are excited to take these first steps in the evolution of the Muncie Sports Commission, but even more excited about what lies ahead.  In the spirit of teamwork, the Muncie Sports Commission is looking forward to working with key stakeholders, providers, and programs throughout our community in a collaborative and partnered approach to improving access, quality, and resources.  The impact of sports goes far beyond the playing fields and the Muncie Sports Commission is taking a very intentional approach to developing those components that further our area economically as a full functioning sports community,”

stated MSC Executive Director, Jon Anderson.